Home Additions

You love your home and your neighborhood but you need more space. A home addition from Twin Oaks Remodeling may be the perfect solution. You get the space you need without the hassle and expense of moving. In addition to the extra space, a home addition from Twin Oaks Remodeling will enhance your home, increase your home value, and make your home easier to sell if you decide to move.

Whether you need a new bedroom for a new family addition, a room for guests, a home office, or a media room, Twin Oaks Remodeling can create the home addition you need. Or, if you need more space but not more rooms, a home expansion, such as a kitchen expansion or a master suite expansion, may be the perfect solution. Twin Oaks Remodeling can handle any size or scope of home addition, from a small, single-level room addition to an extensive, multi-story home addition.

While a home addition may seem like an easier task than building a home, a home addition is actually more complex. A home addition requires that the addition not only blends architecturally with your home but it must also be able to build off of the existing structure. Your addition may require new footings and foundations to support the addition. Twin Oaks Remodeling has the experience and expertise to guide you through the process as painlessly and with as little stress as possible. We will work with you to design and construct a custom home addition that will meet your needs and your budget. The experts at Twin Oaks Remodeling will confirm that you have adequate space and the required clearances on your property to accommodate the home addition you want. We will also ensure that your addition meets all state and local requirements as well as obtain all necessary permits.

Twin Oaks Remodeling has been offering quality home remodeling services in the Kansas City area for 26 years. When you’re ready for a new home addition or home expansion, let our experts bring your ideas to life. Give Twin Oaks Remodeling a call at 913-648-6917.

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